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Terms of Service

The following paragraphs outline the Terms of Service (ToS) for ordering tyres and services supplied by Will's Mobile Tyres (WMT) from this website ( Please read these ToS in full before placing an order for tyres or services on the website. You (the customer) are responsible for reading and understanding these ToS. Contact WMT if you need clarification on the following ToS. The customer must accept the ToS before services can be provided.

1. Details Provided by you "the customer"

WMT will not share the details you submit to us to any third parties or individuals. The customer's details are used solely to fulfill the services requested by the customer.

Details supplied to WMT by the customer must be true and accurate and WMT take no responsibility for failure to supply services if the customer has given false or inaccurate details.

2. Changes, Amendments, Cancellations and Fees

The customer must inform WMT within 48 hours, and no less than 24 hours, of the confirmed service date & time if the customer wishes to change, amend or cancel the service(s) requested of WMT. If the customer fails to inform WMT of changes or cancellation of service(s) in less than 24 hours of the services the customer may incur a fee of £20, and the customer accepts to pay this fee in full if WMT decide to issue the fee. Do not accept these ToS if you do not agree with this or any other part of the ToS.

3. Confirming services

It is advised that the customer contact WMT after placing an order from the online tyre ordering page to ensure the date, time and location can be served by WMT. WMT provide services within "certain areas" of Kent, please contact WMT for the exact details before placing an online order. WMT take no responsibility for failure to fulfil requested services if the customer does not confirm details with WMT. In most cases WMT will contact the customer, where possible, but it is the customer's responsibility to ensure confirmation is given by WMT for requested services.

4. Quantities ordered and Stock levels

WMT will make every possible effort to stock the quantities needed to fulfil the customer's requested services. It is not the responsibility of WMT if stock ordered does not materialise before the date and time of requested services. It is the responsibility of the customer to confirm that WMT can fulfil the services they require, before placing an online order.

5. Payments and The Customer promise

By accepting these ToS the customer promises and guarantees to pay WMT in full upon completion of the ordered services. Failure to pay WMT in full may result in legal action being taken against the customer and WMT reserve the right to contact the proper authorities (Police). A fee of £20 may be issued to the customer if full payment is not made upon completion of the services. Where possible WMT will take back/retrieve tyres, fitted or not fitted, if payment is not made in full once services are completed.

It is the responsibility of the customer to understand and seek clarification of these ToS before placing an online order with WMT. The customer accepts these ToS at their own risk and to abide by the above mentioned ToS in full upon acceptance. WMT reserve the right to change these ToS at any time and without prior written or verbal warning.

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